Spring Time Crochet

Now that Spring is near I find myself leaning towards light and airy crochet projects.  I find them fun and very useful for Texas springs and summers .

Whole Latte Love by Candi Jensen


This tee-shirt is a fun, quick, and easy crochet project.  It is simple to understand and a great project for beginning crocheters.  I’m wearing it now and love it!


Another essential for Texas spring and summer weather are shawls.  Pictured below is a Design by Doris Chan and it also is a fun project.  The beautiful Tencel yarn is independently dyed by Teresa Ruch Designs.  I’m not quite halfway into the project, but I am happy with how it is turning out.  The yarn is wonderful to work with and hopefully will be the perfect accessory for a special blue dress of mine.


Doris Chan’s Blue Curacao

Have you ever been interested in learning to crochet or learning to crochet better?  If so, crochet is another class that I teach.  If interested, fill out the contact information below and I will contact you.  Crochet is another great tool to create items of joy.

Stay cool this week, it’s suppose to be in the high 80’s this week in Dallas.

Until next time,

Kim Hays/Roving Fibers


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