Hello Fiber Arts Lovers!

We are officially live!  Stay tuned for updates on events and practical tips from us or our favorite instructors.

We are having our first event June 20th.  Here is more info…

WHAT: Stash Busting Event & Fiber Discovery Day

WHERE: The Mix Coworking & Maker Space

WHEN: Monday, June 20th from 10:00am to 3:00pm

Join Roving Fibers Adventures for a fun day at the Mix, the new home of Ronda Van Dyk of the Shabby Sheep. Ronda has planned a great day of creativity, fun, fiber, food!


  1.  Turning straw into gold—well sorta, more like wool into wow! Learn the basic skills to turn your boring old wool yarns into something new and exciting using some very common household equipment. If you’ve had that “what was I thinking” moment with some of your yarn choices, we’ll introduced you to the skills required to resurrect them into something unique, colorful and one-of-a-kind! Turn any animal based yarn in a basic or, be honest, heinous color into a knitable, crochetable or wearable lovely.

  2. Woven Wall Hanging Explore your inner Flower Child!—Using a small recycled cardboard loom, some wool, wood and a needle, you’ll discover a fun new way to take your hum drum yarns and transform them into something new and exciting while while trying your hand at one of the centuries old traditions that’s both practical and beautiful as well as soothing to the soul. Work on your individual piece and watch that novelty yarn you were ready to give to the cat, or that weird shade of yellow acrylic turn into something quite stunning and decorative. You’ll learn some basic weaving stitches on a manageable sized loom. Once your weaving is complete you’ll add the wooden dowel, some fringe and you have yourself a beautiful mini retro wall hanging and a new skill to gobble up unwanted yarn.

  3. Felted Dryer Balls Want to save the planet, money and time? There is an easy way to do this. Learn to make Wool Dryer Balls, specifically felted, wool, yarn balls. Once you do, you will never have to buy over-scented dryer sheets or bulky bottles of fabric softener again. Dryer balls reduce static cling and cut your clothes drying time up to 50%. These nifty little felted wool balls will do all of these things while happily bouncing around in your dryer. All you’ll need is 100% wool yarn (no hand- dyed or super-wash yarn) and an old pair of panty hose or tights!


WORKSHOP SUPPLIES: All prep, materials, handouts, instruction and equipment are provided by the Shabby Sheep. Participant brings his or her own stash yarns, and a pair of pantyhose.

LUNCH & BEVERAGES: A salad trio lunch with mini muffin will be served buffet style by the Mix In-House Chef and coffee, tea and water available all day. Sweet treat at conclusion provided by Roving Fibers.

COST: $85.00.   A 5-Hour Day @ the Mix, which includes three 45-60 minute workshops, lunch, drinks, and dessert. The Mix Coworking and Maker Space is a non-profit organization, and The Shabby Sheep donates 20% of fees back to the Mix to help keep it staffed and its programs running. The Mix Coworking & Maker Space located in the basement level of White Rock United Methodist Church 9125 Diceman Drive Dallas 75218

If interested check out our Facebook page or click here  June20_mini_retreat_registration .  Registration closes June 17th at 5 p.m.

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