Life in Switzerland

A view of the Alps

What a beautiful place! We are staying in the village of Evolène, part of the Valais region of Switzerland. The top picture was taken while hiking to Lac D’Arbey. Evolène can be seen down in the valley. This region is known for its hiking trails and beautiful scenery. We are the only Americans in town but we are managing alright for not knowing French. Surprisingly, I have not found any guide books about this area which makes me think it is still a secret.

Inside the village I found a shop that carries hand-spun yarn by the shop owner. She sells the yarn and also knits sweaters out of it to sell. I have been knitting in town and think that she and I are the only knitters around!

I have been posting on Instagram and Facebook but some of you aren’t members of those sites so I will add my pictures from Chamonix, France below.

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